Deb Bailey is one of the least judgmental people I have ever met. Her openness let me feel comfortable talking about my life and limitations. Deb guided me through the process of self reflection. I like to think that I am constantly working on self improvement but it was extremely helpful to have Deb as a mentor to discuss my goals with objectively. I feel more calm and relaxed after narrowing down what is truly important to me with Deb's help. It also seems like once I took some of these steps to take care of myself some other parts of my life began falling into place, like my job and my relationships. I couldn't recommend a better mentor than Deb Bailey!


Debra is an amazing person to have on your team! Her help through a recent change in my life was a true blessing. She brought perspective to the discussions that really helped guide me through tough decisions. Her positive attitude was contagious!!! I always felt at ease after our sessions!!! Thank you Debra!!!!


Deb and I met to catch up. As we were sharing life experiences with each other, she told me about paying attention to ‘the burning bush’ – ideas, events and thoughts that suddenly become present in our lives. A short time later, POW!, there was a burning bush right in front of me. I’ve been wanting to start meditating for several months. I’ve tried a few guided meditations but nothing has stuck. Deb posted on Facebook that she is starting a beginner’s meditation class…hello burning bush! Deb’s encouragement to pay attention to opportunities or events around me helped me see a bright, vivid and exciting way to get my meditation groove on.
If you put your intentions out to the Universe, whether in thought or out loud, they will manifest IF you keep your mind, heart and soul open and engaged. And keep a look out for Burning Bushes! ;-)