Fundamental Growth Package

Are you tired of chasing ‘things’ only to never be satisfied once you obtain them leaving you feeling less than and empty? This package will help you design how you want to feel in your life and instead of accumulating more empty things you will accumulate abundance leaving you feeling fulfilled. You will create your own personalized Core Desired Feelings where you will get clear on how you want to feel in order to achieve your life goals.

  • Six sessions for a total of 6 hours plus a 30 minute complimentary initial consultation

  • This is a weekly strategy package so expect weekly sessions for six consecutive weeks (may also be completed in bi-weekly sessions)

How does it work?

After an initial 30 minute complimentary consultation, we will set up six individual one to one sessions that will last around an hour each. The first session will be a shorter and the third session where we really get into the heart of your core desired goals will be longer.

Once you have created your core desired goals and we have crafted your own personalized road map to achieving those goals you will have the option to continue one to one coaching on a monthly or as needed basis.

Groundbreaker Package

Don’t want to commit to six weeks of coaching or do you excel at holding yourself accountable? Then a starter package might be for you.

  • Three one hour sessions

One to One

Individual one to one coaching available for those who just need a mentor to help them cut through the brush of their life in order to see their path clearly.